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  • KONJAC Purified Flour Series

    White color. Granularity more than 120 meshes. Smellless. Quick in dissolving. Of high viscosity and high transparency. Processing procedures: Use konjac fine flour as the raw material, which is purified and removed of starch, ashes, fiber, pigment, alkaloid and other impurities, so as to obtain highly purified glucomannan, with a content of 80-95% on air-dried basis. Modern advanced craftsmanship is adopted for the processing and edible alcohol is used as the carrier without application of any chemical additive so as to ensure the quality and purity of products. Based on the grade of raw

  • High Transparency Series

    White powder , granularity more than 120 mesh, quick in dissolvling, high transparency

    High transparency series are made by special processing technology, using konjac Micro powder or purified powder as raw material

    The product has high transparency and good whiteness, widely used in beverages, jelly and other special products that require high transparency.

  • KONJAC Micro Flour Series

    Appearance: milk white, granularity more than 120 meshes, with mild smell, quick in dissolving. Processing procedures: Use konjac fine flour as the raw material, which is further purified and pulverized to get higher quality konjac particulate flour for easier applications. Based on the grade of raw material and processing depth, this series of products is divided into 1A, 2A and 3A. Appearance: milk white, granularity more than 120 meshes, with mild smell, quick in dissolving. 

  • KONJAC Fine Flour Series

    Appearance and smell: milk white or light yellow, with a few black and yellow dots in the middle. Granularity ranging from 45-100 meshes. With unique konjac smell. Processing procedures: Firstly peel off the fresh konjac tubers and clean. Then cut them into slices and chips, which are dehydrated and dried in baking equipment. The dried konjac slices and chips are then smashed and grinded and starch, fiber and other impurities are removed in special facilities. Thus konjac fine flour is produced.



20 years of brand experience

Since the establishment of the KONSON KONJAC in 1998, all colleagues of the company have adhered to the enterprise tenet of integrity, exploration, pragmatism and innovation, worked closely around the needs of customers, and produced high-quality konjak powder and konjak compound series products.

Strong supply chain system

KONSONKONJAC began the construction of overseas raw material supply chain in 2013. At present, it has established a number of konjak raw material processing bases in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and other emerging konjak production areas, forming a strong global konjak supply chain.

Mature production environment

After 20 years of development, KONSON KONJAC has established a wide popularity and good reputation in the field of konjak raw materials in the world. The factory hardware facilities, technical force, sales team and management level have reached the international advanced level.



About Us

About Us

Konson konjac is a professional company specialized in the research, production, development and the application of konjac gum. Our company is located in Hubei Province which is also one of the main konjac production area in China. 

Since the establishment in 1998, our products have been exported to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.The facilities, technology and management standard of konson have achieved the advanced international level through more than 20 years of development,konson have also got BRC,ISO22000:2005, Kosher,MUI Halal and EC&NOP Organic certificate authentication.